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Strategy Week – Dawn of War

During Strategy Week at Mouse N Joypad, I was asked to talk about my favorite strategy game. so today I am going to talk a little about my favourite and let you know why I rate it so highly. Let’s take a... Continue Reading →


Swan Song of the Couch Co-Op

Some of my happiest memories as a young whippersnapper were sitting in my bedroom with a couple of mates playing split-screen games. I found that split-screen or "couch co-op" started to gather momentum with the N64, personally I didn’t have... Continue Reading →

Why Are You a Gamer?

Ask yourself one simple question. Why do you like gaming? Forget reviews and which company is doing what, for now, let’s just talk about games. Why do I love gaming? There are so many great things about being a gamer.... Continue Reading →

Resident Evil 2: Enter the world of Action Horror

The Resident Evil franchise turned twenty this week. Let’s all take a second to appreciate a franchise that has lasted two decades, has not been afraid to try new things and has provided me with dozens, if not hundreds of... Continue Reading →

Resident Evil 6: Not the game we wanted, but the one we deserved

I am going to be totally upfront and admit that I really liked Resident Evil 6, I know that can be an unpopular statement with die-hard fans of the series but if you will indulge me, I will tell you... Continue Reading →

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